What is a WordPress theme builder?

Good question.

A WordPress theme builder is a step beyond a WordPress theme itself. Imagine you need to customise the layout across all sections of your site – but instead of manually adjusting the design on each individual page, you setup templates to automatically apply globally.

Ideal use cases include your blog posts, blog archives, custom pages, or pages on your site that share the same design wise requirements, such as solutions pages tailored to multiple industries. But you could also use this approach to design individual elements like a banner that spans multiple pages, or a certain informative section positioned in a specific area of your site.

The philosophy of WordPress theme builders may remind some of object-oriented programming where the objective is to reuse components to promote performance and avoid clutter and duplicate code.

Essentially, the goal with theme builders is to speed up the time it takes for you to design your entire WordPress site while making it easier to create a unified experience for all your visitors. Thus, improving brand awareness and your professional image.

Stangerup Web Solutions highly encourages clients to take advantage of WordPress theme builders like Bricks or similar advanced hooks functionality as found in Blocksy. In the short term, they may seem like more work – but if you’re serious about your business, you should consider investing in one.

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