3 sublime incident monitoring tools for your infrastructure

Whether you’re a small gig with just a few servers or a larger organisation with locations in multiple datacenters across the world, chances are you’d benefit significantly from infrastructure monitoring tools. These help you communicate downtime and thus increase transparency with your customers.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the easiest tools to get started with.

Better Stack

Better Stack’s Uptime is an outstanding tool for keeping track of your infrastructure with ping-based options, HTTP monitoring, and heartbeats for serverless workers and CRON jobs.

You can integrate an elegant status page with these and in a relatively short period of time be up and running. Better Stack allows you to start monitoring for free right away for your hobby projects.

Competitive pricing and a well-polished platform makes Better Stack our favourite pick when it comes to incident monitoring tools.

Note: The free plan allows you to integrate your own domain.

Atlassian Statuspage

The solid, no-nonsense choice. Atlassian’s Statuspage is a well-renowned tool at this point, used by thousands of companies in an effort to combat downtime and troubleshoot incidents.

As with any other Atlassian product, the service scales well and has proven to be reliable for a long time. Unlike most of the emerging players in the industry, Atlassian Statuspage integrates with basically every third party service out there, making monitoring easier for those with complex setups.

Note: You can’t use your own domain for free. You’ll have to make do with a statuspage.com suffix unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

Uptime Kuma

“A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool” – Uptime Kuma is the open-source option for anyone looking to implement their own infrastructure monitoring with low costs.

Learn more on the GitHub page.


Incident monitoring – and subsequent management – is vital for any modern business hosting their services in the cloud. Promoting trust with your customers is essential, and keeping them in the loop when something inevitably goes wrong can be the key to a long and strong relationship.

Better Stack appears to be the most competitive tool for that we’ve come across, although your experience may be different. The best course of action is to try out all your options and see what you like the most.

We wish you good luck preventing downtime.

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