The 3 best web hosting control panels

Hosting websites and web applications has become an everyday practice for businesses of all sizes. But which web hosting panel is best suited for you? That’s an excellent question – one we’ll try and answer today.

In our experience, not all panels are created equal. That’s not to say they may not suit your vision, but the fundamental structure and financial backing of a panel may hinder you in the long run. Hence, we recommend choosing a reliable option to begin with to avoid the most common headaches and configuration issues.

With that said, let’s jump in!

1. Plesk

Plesk is a powerful solution for anything web hosting. Its security features, extensions, and overall compatibility are only rivalled by cPanel. With its many years of stable performance and industry-proven results, Plesk is a clear winner in our book.

  • Unrivalled stability and compatibility
  • Very functional interface
  • Toolkits for various use cases
  • Premium email solution available
  • Detailed documentation
  • Pricing isn’t friendly for low budgets
  • Lacks a few advanced features found in competing panels
  • Interface sometimes gets overwhelmed with options

2. cPanel

When thinking of web hosting, it’s hard not to think of cPanel. The original influencer, with its iconic single-page interface, is certainly up there as one of the best web hosting control panels available. In some areas, it even performs better and has more advanced features than Plesk.

  • Very easy to manage with its nostalgic, beginner-friendly interface
  • Great stability and compatibility
  • Most feature-rich web hosting control panel
  • Outstanding documentation
  • Expensive – leaning towards absurd – pricing
  • Interface is a little outdated in some areas

3. Enhance Control Panel

Enhance is an enticing multi-server hosting control panel built to scale. A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant industry, Enhance takes advantage of containerization which allows you to build incredibly scalable web hosting setups across multiple datacenters and regions.

  • Arguably the best scalability on the market
  • Competitive pricing; pay only for the websites you host
  • Easy allocation and migration of website resources
  • Beautiful UI with several integrations
  • Incremental backups out-of-the-box
  • Lacks configuration options
  • Hasn’t been tested as fiercely as competing panels
  • Many important email features are missing
  • Scarce documentation


So there you have it – the best web hosting control panels currently available.

Worth noting is that both Plesk and cPanel are owned by WebPros, ensuring consistent financial backing – and subsequently guaranteed price increases to please shareholders. Enhance seems more competitive in terms of pricing, but lacks some important features.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and which features you require. Please let us know which web hosting control panel you end up going for.

Thank you for reading.

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